This is a list of all the known societal races in Eterinin. While there are other races or creatures that live in community groups, they do not possess the necessary qualifications to be considered a dominant race.

Racial QualificationsEdit

To be classified as a dominant race in the world of Eterinin, a group must possess a distinct genetic structure, as well as at least seven (6) of the following qulaifications:

  • Community structure;
  • A written and spoken language;
  • Concept of leadership;
  • Noticeable philosophical understanding of the world of Eterinin;
    • This understanding may be in the form of concepts of justice, religion, morality, or other metaphysical concepts outside of their own instincts or simple reaction to natural phenomenon;
  • Peaceful co-existance with at least four (4) other races;
  • Ability to use the natural world to construct, utilize, or create, beyond the basic natural functions of their species;
  • Traceable lineage or history for a minimum of three (3) generations that all possess the required 80% of these qualifications;


These are indicated by indentation under a dominant race listed below, these are races that possess all the necessary requirements under the racial qualifications, except the genetic structure is related to that of another race. This may be due to minor evolutionary changes due to regional difference. For these to be considered sub-races they must possess the same qualifications, however, with noticeable differences from their parent races.

List of RacesEdit

Half RacesEdit

These are races that are recognized due to their unique features but are a result of two races producing an offspring. While often a single race will maintain dominance, the following races have been seen to create a distinct race as a result of offspring: