Eriratrem is a group of islands in the Otopian Ocean, situated between Otopia and Orr. Its proximity to Orr makes it a ripe hunting ground for exotic animals and plant life. Many people from both Orr and Otopia, as well as a few from other regions, such as Balest and Nyamarion, come to the islands for both relaxation and recreational hunting.


No people lay claim to Eriratrem and there is a mutual understanding amongst nations that Eriratrem is a place of rest, a sanctuary of sorts that regardless of any conflicts between people, it is put aside in the islands. Surprisingly this idea remains even without any central government or controlling leadership or security. It is often thought that any attack within the islands would provoke a global conflict as all people come to Eriratrem for peace and rest.


The islands of Eriratrem are a paradise on Eterinin. The islands boast a wide array of foilage and plant flora, 90% of which is edible and the other 10% is non-toxic but not very palettable. There are a few small mountains amongst the islands but nothing of any significant difficulty in climbing or scaling, but all places of interest for those that wish to hone their skills in mountaineering.

The shores of the islands are the major draw for many. With rich sealife, vast beaches, and spectacular views, some say that a day on the shore will rehabilitate even the most damaged warrior to full health.


Ripe with wildlife, all of which are uniquely fertile thus preventing extinction due to mass hunting, the islands are perfect hunting grounds for such endeavours. The island of Faroth is designated as the island for all hunters to come to.


Whil no race claims Eriratrem as home, nor are there any permanent residents, governments, or settlements, many people come to Eriratrem for extended stays in a "hospitality" guise. There are a few women, and some men, that stay on the islands for many months at a time as care-givers, cooks, healers, and even prostitutes.

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