The Gimdurcalgarrak Ocean is located south of Balest and west of Nyamarion. Often considered some of the more hostile waters, due to frequent pirate raids, the ocean itself is rarely navigated by the dwarven people, of whom the ocean is named by. Because of the lack of control by its largest continental border people and its southern border being the Southern White Plain, the Gimdurcalgarrak Ocean is a treacherous place for even the most seasoned and armored captains and vessels.

The Ti'l Re'gEdit

Translated into Common as "Excellent Battle," the Ti'l Re'g is a Githyanki fleet that is considered the most notorious and dangerous of all pirate fleets. Though the Githyanki now call Faywater Island home, the Ti'l Re'g is a dominant force in the Gimdurcalgarrak Ocean as it is uncontested as the controlling navy.

Battle with the Trade DominationEdit

The Ti'l Re'g is the only known force to have successfully fought and won against Trade Domination, the flagship of the Steel Bank of Tytos. This occured during a battle near the Southern White Plains. The Ti'l Re'g ambushed Trade Domination, descimated its defenses, boarded, and captured her. Following a long on board battle with crew members in hiding within the ship, the Trade Domination was eventually retaken by the Steel Bank, though sustaing severe damage in the process.

The Admiral of the Ti'l Re'g has rumored to have vowed annihilation of the Steel Bank of Tytos as well as capture of the Trade Domination.

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