Mist atoll

An atoll south of Draco Island , once containing the village of Istolil until the disappearance, which left only the single person left on the Atoll, Blackwood . It gets its name from the nearly constant mist that flows down from Draco Island .

The villagers of Istolil constructed a light house to aid sailors in navigation and most of the economy of Mist Atoll was based off of the sale of water. Some of the villagers would travel to Draco Island to collect water and bring it down to the village. Ships would then purchase this water from them allowing them to carry less water and more cargo.

After the disappearance the Dragon Council sent a small group to maintain the light house as well as provide the water. However the costs of maintaining this detachment makes many, even some on the council, question whether it is even worth keeping it up and running.