Former captain of the guard of the kingdom of Sutulak.

Early LifeEdit

Sapphira grew up in the slums of Sutulak, subsiding on the meager income of her mother, a seemstress for a local tailor's shop. In a brawl at a nearby inn, Sapphira, using only a small knife, disarmed and detained three individuals attempting to rob the establishment. Moved by her demonstration of prowess in bladed combat, the captain of the Sutulak guard took young Sapphira under his wing.

Time as a GuardEdit

Excelling in her arms training, and studies of law, Sapphira quickly became the most popular up and coming guard in the kingdom. After seeing her astounding progress, the captain of the guard began grooming her for command. In this time, Sapphira continued her studies.

Apealing to the Council of Sutulak, the captain of the guard gave a strong recommendation on behalf of Sapphira before announcing his retirement. After a long deliberation, the Council ruled in favor of the recommendation, and promoted Sapphira to the rank of captain of the guard. This made her the first female to hold this position in the history of Sutulak.

Unfortunate EndEdit

After arresting several individuals for the mutiny and slaughter of the crew of the Balrok, and Orc ship within the harbor of the city, Sapphira was meet with critizism due to her inability to prevent such atrocities. Defending herself eloquently to the Council, Sapphira was aquitted of all counts of neglegence. Shortly after this event, the arrested individuals escaped prison at the time of a large fire, which threatened the cities residential districts. Persuing the escapees, Sapphira came into open conflict with Megaedi Mobius, the rouge Shank, and a bounty hunter named Abraxus. After a long struggle, Sapphira was trampled to death by a horse ridden by Megaedi.

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