The Virnor Ocean is located on the eastern side of the tri-continent of Dolinde, Sama, and Edhenon. It makes u
Virnor Ocean

The Virnor Ocean, the dotted line depicts the disputed Sea of Cudlac, solid lines depict the universally recognized edges of the ocean.

p the western shore of the continents of Eddval, Edhen, and Gisinda. Depending on the region you are in, some consider the Sea of Cudlac part of the Virnor ocean, however, those from the continents of Balest and Cudlac both consider the extension to be it's own body of water due to the much different currents and weather patterns in the encircled area of water.

Located within the Virnor Ocean are the Isles of Tytos, Draco Island, Mist Atoll, Faywater Island, the Kingdom of Adwiranwan, and the Icemallow region of the Southern White Plain.