He is dead. Or is he? Can one really die again once your already the living undead thats dead? These are the questions that many people ask who know of Zeben ask. Which is extremely few seeing how not many people spend their free time hanging out with Revenant Vampires who specialize in killing, drinking and playing the violin.

Personal BackgroundEdit

The curse placed upon Zeben was Vamperism. But had an odd effect in his case seeing how he was already a Revenant at the time. Because of this unlike most vampires he may walk in the sunlight and cross running water. Although it is speculated that he doesnt enjoy the sun much as he mostly wraps him self up only showing a small portion of his face. These questions of does being double dead make him alive or just twice as dead or if he dies again will he just come back a third time as a ghost seem to plague his mind. Although plagued by this he seems unafraid of the thought of dying again having been quoted saying "Ive already been on two dates with death im looking forward to the third date, because everyone knows on the third date you score". It is unknown if he actually thinks death is a lady he is dating as of now...?

Vampire OrderEdit

It is unknown what order he is a part of or how he became a vampire at this time.